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Fundraising Campaign

High Profit Margin: Sell for $25 earn $10 a book!!!

Koupbook is one of the most profitable fundraising programs available in Manitoba. At Koupbook we help design a custom fundraising campaign for your cause. The program has no start-up cost making it risk free, all books are given on a consignment basis. We strive to help you succeed in your fundraising efforts by assigning a Koupbook sales manager who will help you reach your campaign goal. Year round if you are looking to raise money for a school, sports team, daycare, charity, church group, grad committee, non-profit organization, or wedding social. Start your campaign today!

Program Details

Sell for $25 each while earning your organization/club $10 per book. Your customers/supporters receive a Koupbook containing 33 completely free offers (No purchase necessary) with a real value of over $800!

  • Risk Free, No Upfront Costs, No Minimums – All books given on consignment.
  • Easy Sell – There is something for everyone in Koupbook regardless of your age or interests. Free Oil Change, Free Hot Yoga Session For Two, Free Admission to Adventure City & Much more!
  • High Margin – Your organization/club retains $10 per book sold.
  • $1000 Cash/Award Prize to your Top Seller*
  • We provide a Tracking Envelope, Selling Tips, Information letter, & Poster as fundraising tools.
  • We assign a Program Coordinator to help you run a successful campaign.
  • A Portion of Proceeds Supports the Children’s Hospital with each book sold.
  • We recommend a 3 to 4 week campaign for optimal result.

*The top seller will earn a $500 cash/award prize with a minimum result of 250 books sold by your group. The top seller will earn a $1000 cash/award prize with a minimum result of 500 books sold by your group.

Direct Selling – Sell to friends & family first! Strongly suggested as it is considered the most effective fundraising strategy.

Door-to-Door Campaign – Set up a door-to-door campaign, use our collection envelops for tracking. This method is most effective for fundraising for those who have large goals, have a large group size. Campaign runs 2 to 3 weeks.

How the Program Works

1. Program Coordinator signs Koupbook contract between Koupbook Inc. and the Organization.
2. Pre-order forms and a collection envelops are distributed to the group leader as requested.
3. The Group Leader then distributes envelops and the information letter to the team/class room/sellers.
4. Fundraisers sell books and fundraise. The pre-order form located on the collection envelope provided is returned to the school or group leader along all payments. (Payments are to be Cash or Cheque made out to the organization/school).
5. The Group Leader notifies the program coordinator the quantity of books sold on the campaign end date.
6. The Program Coordinator delivers the requested books to the school a few days after the campaign ends.
7. As the books are delivered to the school by the program coordinator the school will give a cheque to Koupbook Inc. for $15 per unit.
8. The Group Leader then gives the guardians or children the books so that they can be delivered to customers/supporters on a specified date.
9. A scheduled feedback meeting between Program Coordinator and Group Leader will occur to see how to improve for the next fundraising cause.

Start Your Campaign



Sales Event – We help set up a Koupbook station prior to your event or tournament. Effective for fundraising in high traffic areas. Campaign runs 1-3 days.

Fundraising Tools

 2015/2016 Fundraising Poster(Full Colour)  PDF Document  (20.7MB)
 2015/2016 Direct Selling Tips(Full Colour)  PDF Document  (20.7MB)

Information Fundraising Letter Steps

1. Download file
2. Edit highlighted cells
3. Print & Go!